Don’t miss the best winter story of Dubrovnik

You know, in winter, when the sun and the sea no one comes on their mind, it’s best to seek for adventure somewhere else.

In Dubrovnik, it means going far away from the sea, in the hills, right one you can see if you’re already in town.

As Dubrovnik’s winters are not typical winter, with snow and the winter fun, you need to take the best what the city can offer.

Like every trip needs to be spiced up with an extra element of surprise, your vacation in Dubrovnik also should be boosted with best winter adventure. So after history sightseeing, and getting to know the best of Dubrovnik’s Old town, experience the most beautiful winter story of Dubrovnik – Buggy safari.

This nature-adventure touristic package lasts for two hours, plus the adventure of driving in a Cable car, very near city, which will bring you to the top of the Srdj hill and Imperial fortress, starting and ending point of thrilling Buggy Safari tours.

In two hours driving through the hill, rocky surrounding you will see ex-mine fields and sights from the recent war, fortresses, animals, woods, dramatic sights and amazing 360°view of the whole Dubrovnik area, islands and mountains behind the hill.

Not to mention the adventure of driving in brand new ZFORCE BUGGY 625, that will bring you outside your comfort zone, but also bring you a pure joy for lifetime memories of one very special winter in Dubrovnik.

Tours run on every full hour from 09:00-19:00 so just pop up anytime you like or if you aren’t able to come to do cable car station, contact us if you would like us to arrange the transportation from Dubrovnik. For an affordable price.

Broad your horizons this winter, with Buggy safari adventure’s side of famous Dubrovnik.