Even at such a well-known holiday spot as Dubrovnik it may not easy to find the best deals and to choose the best things to see or visit. One good thing is that the Old City of Dubrovnik is like a museum and you can enjoy its beauty at every step. But there are lots of restaurants, bars, museums, and interesting tours that you might be interested in. Don’t forget about the range of activities. With so much beautiful nature and such a warm and pleasant sea temperature, this is the thing you simply shouldn’t skip. We have made a short local guide with recommendation of what to do in Dubrovnik?

What to try? Try whatever is local and authentic

When it is a matter of food make sure to go to some authentic restaurant with local specialities.  Choose a type of food you want to try, check your budget available for food, and make a plan. Check also bars that serve light lunches or have simple bites where you can have a coffee or soda and something simple with it. Read reviews, do a bit of research, but also check whether locals visit the place you like. We imagine you are not a great fan of being hungry and waiting in queues – so remember, it’s high season and reservations are more than welcome.

Buy from locals – if you want to have some memories buy from locals. There are plenty of souvenirs available but as in so many tourist spots very few of them are original. Dubrovnik has a heart of art so you can find really cool pieces from local artists.

What to see? Choose a museum or tour on the basis of your interests rather than on popularity

Dubrovnik is not a big city but even so there are many things to see. Again, choose things you are really interested in and see if there is a museum or tour that that might match your interest. If you want to go on the city walls, think about both time of day and weather. In high season the temperature is at its greatest. The walls are beautiful and not too long to walk, (less than 2 km) but it might be better to go either early in the day or when you can watch the sunset.

What to do in Dubrovnik? Don’t forget about Dubrovnik adventure

When it’s a question of something more active- again, consider the weather and the time of day. The Buggy Safari tour is a one-hour adventure so it can be fun at any time of the day. But think twice if you want to go for a running tour after your buggy tour. Maybe it’s better to relax on Srđ hill where you can walk, have a coffee or a meal and visit the war museum.  

Be prepared 😉

For all tours check online booking. Many tours, including the Buggy Safari Dubrovnik, have a special rate for online booking. For our adventure, you can book online and save 5%. Great, you are saving money and you are sure that you have your place on a tour you want at the time you want. No rushes, no need to bring a lot of cash with you, no worries, just a chance to enjoy a highlight of your holiday.

If you have any doubt about what to do in Dubrovnik, one thing you shouldn’t miss – it’s Buggy safari Dubrovnik!