Discover Dubrovnik thrilling adventures

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Dubrovnik is a beautiful coastal city located in the southern part of Croatia. It offers a variety of thrilling adventures for those who are looking for an adrenaline rush. Here are the top adventure things to do in Dubrovnik: Buggy Safari with professional drivers/guides: Explore the rugged terrain of Dubrovnik's countryside during an exciting buggy safari. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the ride as a passenger with a professional guide. The buggies are fully equipped with safety gear, [...]

Osojnik – hidden gem of Dubrovnik region

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Osojnik village, nestled in the Dubrovnik countryside, is a true gem waiting to be explored. This charming village is a perfect destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse themselves in a peaceful and picturesque setting. As you enter the village, you'll be greeted by traditional stone houses and narrow cobbled streets that exude a sense of old-world charm. The architecture is steeped in history, with many of the buildings dating back to [...]

Exploring the Dubrovnik countryside

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If you've ever dreamt of exploring the stunning Dubrovnik countryside, a buggy safari might be just the adventure you need. With rugged terrain, stunning vistas and an exciting ride, it's the perfect way to experience the outdoors. The adventure begins with stunning views of the Adriatic Sea as you make your way up the hills. The fresh sea breeze will fill your lungs, and the sun will warm your face as we drive you through the rugged terrain of Srđ [...]

OUR NEW BUGGY ADVENTURE – the ride, the views, the local experience!

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When we started brainstorming about how to expand our Buggy Safari offer for season 2023 it did not take us long to come up with a new tour which would combine the thrill and adventure our customers expect from our tours with something that was still missing in our portfolio – the opportunity for our guests to meet locals, sample homemade specialties and immerse themselves in the culture and traditions which are still alive in Dubrovnik's countryside. The result of this train [...]

Adventure that will immediately remind you how young you are at heart!

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Many people seek pure happiness, for those innocent childhood moments full of smiles, laughing and joyful memories, but many people have also forgotten where to find that distant innocence. Although the answer couldn't be simpler. Find it in your heart, remind yourself how young you still are, in an adventure that includes a wild ride on buggies, rocky roads, unsurpassed views and lots of, lots of mud! With our Buggy Safari Adventure Tour, riding through the hills above Dubrovnik, you [...]

Winter in Dubrovnik

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Don't miss the best winter story of Dubrovnik You know, in winter, when the sun and the sea no one comes on their mind, it's best to seek for adventure somewhere else. In Dubrovnik, it means going far away from the sea, in the hills, right one you can see if you're already in town. As Dubrovnik's winters are not typical winter, with snow and the winter fun, you need to take the best what the city can offer. Like [...]

What to do in Dubrovnik? Meet history, but also have an adventure!

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Dubrovnik is one the most popular cities in Europe, with famous historic treasures that put our town on a list of one the most beautiful small cities you actually must visit in your lifetime, but for many visitors who planned to stay for a few days, our warm recommendation is to match a historic city break tour with an adventure. To meet real Dubrovnik history and to feel his modern, adventures side. One of the most popular activities you need [...]

Why you should try buggy safari tour in autumn?

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At summer, holiday adventures are mainly focused on summer activities. Hot weather, sunny outdoor adventures, crystal blue sea and ... well, you know. Dubrovnik is no exception, but the city, with all its treasures and summer adventures, as if you still haven't heard, yet another trump - Buggy safari. Off road adventure above Dubrovnik, on Mount Srđ, offering the best view of entire Dubrovnik area and, of course, the best off road buggy adventure you'll ever have. With many unique [...]

Thank you for the wonderful season!

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Dear adventurers, we are writing this post to tell you how for Buggy safari Dubrovnik season came to an end. More than a half a year we had numerous Buggy Safari Dubrovnik Tours, and it's too hard to pick which one was the best. Every tour was great no matter if it was morning or sunset tour. Every ride was unique just because of you. It was the great pleasure to meet so much cool people and learned a lot [...]

Live for the moments you can’t put in the words

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Experience is an occurrence which leaves an impression on someone. The definition says, “experience refers to the nature of the events someone or something has undergone.” We experience something every day, but we live for the experience we don’t forget such as Buggy Safari Dubrovnik tour on your holidays in Dubrovnik. Our advice is to enjoy little life bit more and to love for experience and the moment you can't put in words. Do you know that awesome feeling after [...]

Excellent Buggy Safari Season

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Excellent evaluation about excellent Buggy safari season: 83 percent of people agree: That was the best adventure we have ever had! If we had to evaluate a success of project, like our far-known adrenaline program of the Dubrovnik Buggy Safari adventure, it might be best to leave it to satisfied customers. That is the best and most honest review we can have, so we are thrilled to announce that vast majority of people who have experienced our adrenalin tour evaluate [...]

Best View of Dubrovnik

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Dubrovnik Best View - Enjoy your wildest adventure You know how, for some things, if you did not record them, it seems like they did not happen? Well, that's what you could say for visiting Dubrovnik and not bringing home best selfie, the only selfie you needed to take. The one from the Mount Srd, with the fantastic view on entire Old Town. But if we already mention it, we must introduce you to the most wonderful way to [...]

Local guide: what to try, what to see, what to do in Dubrovnik?

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Even at such a well-known holiday spot as Dubrovnik it may not easy to find the best deals and to choose the best things to see or visit. One good thing is that the Old City of Dubrovnik is like a museum and you can enjoy its beauty at every step. But there are lots of restaurants, bars, museums, and interesting tours that you might be interested in. Don't forget about the range of activities. With so much beautiful nature [...]

The story about Srd hill & breaththaking view from atop of Dubrovnik

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The best views of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area are experienced from the top of the Srd Hill. Even it is a low mountain, only 412 metres high this is for sure one of the most beautiful views you have ever seen. Simply, you can't remain indifferent to the spectacular panoramas of Dubrovnik. Do you know that on a clear day you can see up to 60km? You will have a view of Dubrovnik, Lokrum Island, the Elafiti Islands and [...]

Dubrovnik adventure & sunset – your perfect match

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If you are looking to spend some memorable time in nature and also want to have at least one Dubrovnik adventure you are in the right place! Buggy Safari Dubrovnik has the tour that combines adventure, fun, time in nature and one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see. Get ready for the Buggy Safari sunset tour in an off-road buggy! Dubrovnik Adventure It will be a fun hour in nature. On the road, you could meet cows, [...]

Time for spring adventure in Dubrovnik!

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Welcome spring! Finally, sunny days are here so we can have funny spring adventure in Dubrovnik and go on Buggy Safari Dubrovnik adventure. Your guides are waiting for you behind Imperial fortress on Srđ hill – where all Buggy Safari tours starts. On this one-hour long adventure you will discover the “hidden gem”. To be sure to have all arranged just as you like we propose to book your tour online. And here are few more tips to make your [...]

Five things you didn’t know about adventure

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It is well known how adventure offers some physical and mental health benefits but still lots of us will choose some other, "easier" thing instead of adventure. In this post, we will emphasise five facts about adventure benefits, just to remember you how adventure is always a good idea, especially the Dubrovnik Buggy safari tour. ☺ Being dirty is in common with your physical health?! We are obsessed with cleanness, and sometimes it is ok. Of course, we want to [...]

What is an excellent plan for October sunny day?

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In Dubrovnik, October usually has lots of sunny days and enjoyable day. In fact days for an outdoor activity or Buggy safari Dubrovnik. Tour. After warm summer days, it is so great to be outside and still enjoy the sun. How do you imagine a good day on your holidays? For sure it is a beautiful place, long walks as some fun time. If we are talking about Dubrovnik, then your walk through the old city of Dubrovnik would be [...]

Why we need adventures?

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It doesn't matter when is the last time you had an adventure, but it is important how do you feel about it Do you have that feeling – Oh God I Did it, and it was awesome!!! So cool memory, so good feeling. And that feeling, that memory is the best answer why we need adventures, and why you should try Buggy Safari Dubrovnik! Let's start from the beginning. At first, you weren't so sure about taking an adventure. It [...]

Thank you, summer, welcome autumn!

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Thank you, summer, for so wonderful time we spent together. We enjoyed at maximum, but we have to admit we are excited about fall. Here, in Dubrovnik, sunny days usually last more. There are some rainy days, but we like it because it gives a new dimension to our Dubrovnik Buggy safari tour. Are you ready to see how Buggy safari looks like after a rainy day? Come and see it. It will be even more adventurous now. And the [...]

Go buggy or go home 😉

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Hi there! Dubrovnik Buggy Safari Tour is waiting for you. We are here to provide you dose of fun, happiness and positive energy - simply, time to remember. Except fun times on the buggy Safari Dubrovnik you will learn something new – some history facts, interesting stories. You will enjoy remarkable views. We have to emphasise how buggy safari is safe – it is two places buggy and you will have appropriate equipment. There will be person who will give [...]

Three things you shouldn’t miss in Dubrovnik

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Probably you have a long list of "must see" places and "must do" things, but we have few more to add. In fact, it would be good to put it on the top of your list. We know you won't miss Dubrovnik city walls or something so obvious so here is few more advice! Enjoy sunset above Dubrovnik It sounds so obvious – who would miss the sunset in Dubrovnik!? But it would be good put it in your plan [...]

Buggy safari Dubrovnik is always a good idea

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For the beginning, Dubrovnik is always a good idea. So little town and so much to see and experience. The Old Town of Dubrovnik will take your breath away just as the crystalline blue sea, beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage or delicious Mediterranian food. But that's not all Dubrovnik have to offer. Around Dubrovnik, you can find many interesting tours, trips to islands and near places but if you want to have quality time, then you should take Buggy Safari [...]

Never lose your wonder

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If you are thinking about Buggy safari Dubrovnik tour and reading this, you are probably wondering why this Dubrovnik adventure is special. Buggy Safari Dubrovnik is the tour through picturesque ambient on Srđ hill from where you have one of the best views in the world. It's stunning every time, even for us, who are looking at it almost every day. This adventure is a great getaway from the city, and an ideal way to spend time in nature. It [...]

When in doubt… adventure Dubrovnik

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If you are not an adventurous person, or maybe you are adventures soul, but you just want to relax on your vacations one is sure - you shouldn't miss one adventure tour in Dubrovnik – Buggy safari Dubrovnik. For those who are not so adventurous, this is great opportunity to try something new. If adventure is in your blood, it will be great fun activity in Dubrovnik. This off road buggy safari is the ultimate Dubrovnik adventure and here is [...]

Let joy be your compass

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What makes you joyful? Traveling and relaxing? Or adventure tour in Dubrovnik? If you are not sure about the answer, all three options are right, and the best is when you combine it. Joyful things in life make us happier, make us feel alive. Joyful activities, such as fun activities in Dubrovnik, charge our batteries. But joy does not simply happen, so you have to find it. You just found it. Welcome to Buggy safari tour – all you need [...]

Tips and tricks for Buggy safari tour

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Here are few tips and tricks you should know before Buggy safari tour, the best Dubrovnik adventure you will experience. Just follow those five tips, and you will have a great time. Book your activity online and save your time and money. It's easier, faster and you will save 5%. For Buggy safari tour you don't need any additional equipment - just your driving lessons, and a bit of positive energy. 🙂 You don't need to be scared, it's really [...]

It’s time for new Dubrovnik adventure

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Hi there! Are you looking for a new adventure in Dubrovnik? We have a proposal for you! Team up, and come to Srdj hill above Dubrovnik on a Buggy Safari Tour. Just a few minutes from Dubrovnik, you can experience adventure, but also see Dubrovnik from another perspective and enjoy green scenery. You will get completely new experience, and that is the purpose of life, right? To reach out eagerly and without fear to newer and richer experience. Our visitors [...]

Three reasons to say yes to Buggy safari Dubrovnik Tour

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First of all, welcome in Dubrovnik! There are so many things to enjoy in Dubrovnik – explore The Old town of Dubrovnik, maybe take some island tour, but there are few great reasons why to choose an adventure tour. Among many activities you will take in Dubrovnik, Buggy safari tour will be memorable. Here are three reasons to go on buggy safari tour: Escape from crowds No matter how much people are there in Dubrovnik you will enjoy its beauties [...]

Josephine Skriver, a Victoria’s Secret Angel enjoyed Buggy adventure tour

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Josephine Skriver, famous Danish model and Victoria's Secret Angel, spent vacations in Dubrovnik. With her family and boyfriend, Josephine had few unforgettable days. She explored Dubrovnik Old Town, enjoyed the crystal blue sea, and decided to try the best adventure tour in Dubrovnik – Buggy Safari Sunset tour. Josephine knows the formula for the unforgettable family day - a bit of adventure, and a bit of fun in combination with nature and a gorgeous sunset over Dubrovnik. Don't miss your [...]

Buggy Safari Sunset tour Dubrovnik – magical adventure

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If you’re looking for a way to spice up your holidays in Dubrovnik, there’s no better way of doing it than having an unforgettable adventure driving a buggy. Experience the thrills of motorsport while enjoying the natural landscapes at Srdj Hill that only Buggy Safari Dubrovnik can offer. Our new tour is Buggy safari sunset tour. After the great adventure, a dose of adrenaline and beautiful landscape you will be amazed by most beautiful sunset you've ever seen. A Thousand [...]

Buggy Safari Dubrovnik has opened its doors and everything is ready for new, hot season!

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Spring is finally here and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities, exploring new areas and doing exciting stuff! If you still don’t know how to spend your weekend or a free day in Dubrovnik we have a perfect solution for you. Buggy Safari Dubrovnik has opened its doors and everything is ready for new, hot season! Get a fantastic chance to experience the fascinating Dubrovnik landscape from a completely new perspective, while having so much fun just like kids [...]


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I'll go out of the closet now! Not the closet you have in mind, though my life have changed significantly. After February 22nd nothing will be same again. The ZFORCE 600 haunted me ever since I've seen it and on that very Monday babies came in. I was haunted by its sport side, x side & I thought it is all that it takes to take you to the wild experience. And trust me it is all it needs to [...]


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