Probably you have a long list of “must see” places and “must do” things, but we have few more to add. In fact, it would be good to put it on the top of your list. We know you won’t miss Dubrovnik city walls or something so obvious so here is few more advice!

Enjoy sunset above Dubrovnik
It sounds so obvious – who would miss the sunset in Dubrovnik!? But it would be good put it in your plan and find the perfect spot. Above Dubrovnik, on Srđ hill you can see the panoramic view of the old city of Dubrovnik, Lokrum and islands. One is sure; you won’t forget this view! It’s too hard to describe it with words, and there is no other option than experience it.

Take an adventure
You didn’t count on an adventure in Dubrovnik? You should! We understand that you are here on vacation, but vacation means fun time also, right? Come to Buggy Safari Dubrovnik. We promise
nothing less than the great atmosphere.

Spend time in nature
There are so many natural beauties around Dubrovnik. Find your time to enjoy greenery and sounds of nature. Breath fresh Adriatic air and disconnect from outside world.

What do you think to combine all those three things? Yes, it’s possible. Come on Dubrovnik Buggy safari tour, enjoy your ride in beautiful nature and views above Dubrovnik. You can take Dubrovnik buggy Safari sunset tour, or you can find your time to relax after your trip and stay on Srđ hill to enjoy the best view you have ever seen.