First of all, welcome in Dubrovnik! There are so many things to enjoy in Dubrovnik – explore The Old town of Dubrovnik, maybe take some island tour, but there are few great reasons why to choose an adventure tour. Among many activities you will take in Dubrovnik, Buggy safari tour will be memorable.

Here are three reasons to go on buggy safari tour:

  1. Escape from crowds
    No matter how much people are there in Dubrovnik you will enjoy its beauties – The Old town, beaches, crystal sea, local specialties and much more But if you still missing something we propose to escape from crowds and take fun activity. When was last time when you feel adrenaline? Vacations are a great time for it, and Buggy Safari Dubrovnik is the adventure you will remember.
  2. Great deal
    If you book Buggy safari tour online, you have 5% discount. During the tour you will have a dose of adventure, fun and 360°view of the whole Dubrovnik area. On Bugy safari tour you have your guide. The buggy is easy to drive and adventure is safe.
  3. Beautiful view over Dubrovnik
    During your time in Dubrovnik you will take a thousand photos and find numerous gorgeous views (make enough storage on your phone or camera 😉 ) but from Srđ hill view is incredible. It can be even more special if you decide for Buggy safari Sunset Tour. After dose of adrenaline, you will enjoy a thousand shades of pink, orange and purple color of the sky while the sun is setting over Dubrovnik.

Are you ready for an unforgettable day at Srđ hill? Just say yes – yes to adventure tour in Dubrovnik; yes to fun activities in Dubrovnik; yes to Buggy safari tour.

Hope to see you soon!