In Dubrovnik, October usually has lots of sunny days and enjoyable day. In fact days for an outdoor activity or Buggy safari Dubrovnik. Tour. After warm summer days, it is so great to be outside and still enjoy the sun.

How do you imagine a good day on your holidays? For sure it is a beautiful place, long walks as some fun time. If we are talking about Dubrovnik, then your walk through the old city of Dubrovnik would be magical, and your fun time will be on Buggy Safari Dubrovnik tour at Srđ hill upon Dubrovnik.

So great plan for a sunny day in October is:

      1. come in Dubrovnik – you are welcome in October but any time of the year,
      2. enjoy its beauty – walls, streets, sea, every breath you take
      3. take Buggy safari Dubrovnik adventure – but first, make your reservation online and use 5% off for online booking
      4. enjoy at maximum on your buggy Safari Dubrovnik adventure tour

We are waiting for you!