When we started brainstorming about how to expand our Buggy Safari offer for season 2023 it did not take us long to come up with a new tour which would combine the thrill and adventure our customers expect from our tours with something that was still missing in our portfolio – the opportunity for our guests to meet locals, sample homemade specialties and immerse themselves in the culture and traditions which are still alive in Dubrovnik’s countryside.

The result of this train of thought was our new Buggy Safari PREMIUM PLUS!

Croatian’s are known for their hospitality, for taking pride in their organic and high quality local products which in smaller country households are not produced for profit but more than anything to be savored with friends, guests who become friends and all those who have an open heart for new encounters and want to be part of an authentic experience.

The village of Osojnik with just a little over 300 inhabitants and not far from Dubrovnik is such a place where one can feel the real and simple life people still lead here.

If you want to experience an adventure buggy ride, amazing views from both sides of the Dubrovnik bridge with the PLUS of unique gastronomic stops then this is the tour for you…don’t miss out on it.