I’ll go out of the closet now! Not the closet you have in mind, though my life have changed significantly. After February 22nd nothing will be same again. The ZFORCE 600 haunted me ever since I’ve seen it and on that very Monday babies came in. I was haunted by its sport side, x side & I thought it is all that it takes to take you to the wild experience. And trust me it is all it needs to deliver the fun driving experience. To be able to run the toughest terrains without baking down, the ZFORCE 600 is equipped with a independent suspension, adjustable shocks and a differential lock all you need for a long travel. And all you really need to get into the gear.

Now while seated, blogging on this topic my right foot goes hard on the gas paddle & the left…well the left remains loose…who wants to hit the break while waiting the adrenaline to kick in. It is dangerous but for me it is not an option to be second, as the Guetta would say “being second is being first in the long line of losers” HOWEVER you will remain SAFE. Perhaps it will not be all about speeding. The problem is I got all used to the beauties of Dubrovnik. For you it will be the Strinjčera sunset over the Elafiti Islands that will give you the adrenaline and pleasure kick.

To sum up any of those kicks is much better than the Woody Allen ones, where main character is waiting Xanax to kick in while suffusing it with Stoli! Calming effect with BUGGY SAFARI is sipping quietly cocktail on the top of the Hill after the tour. So, to close this one…..RUN TO THE HILLS and I will be waiting to you guys. I need you ! because every time I take new group up there I imagine it was me for the first time, standing in the podium, entering in one of those buggy’s….navigating every curve, fighting every rock, I live every moment, louder than the ZFORCE, things never change. Taking my helmet off, I look at my right & hear clapping . . . it is me winning the race THE END. It is not formula one but I love to imagine it so. It is buggy, safer & even more fun. I love these things!