What makes you joyful? Traveling and relaxing? Or adventure tour in Dubrovnik? If you are not sure about the answer, all three options are right, and the best is when you combine it. Joyful things in life make us happier, make us feel alive. Joyful activities, such as fun activities in Dubrovnik, charge our batteries.

But joy does not simply happen, so you have to find it. You just found it. Welcome to Buggy safari tour – all you need is reserve your tour and come to Dubrovnik. We are at Srđ hill, and our tour starts behind the Imperial fortress. We are going on tour throughout nature and village. It will be crazy – there is a world of animals, as thousand shades of the natural world. Maybe we will meet some donkeys ;). But the best part is a view over the Old town of Dubrovnik after one of the best Dubrovnik adventure activities.

The time is up to you – it’s hard to recommend to you what part of the day is better. But you have frequent tours during daylight hours. Mornings are beautiful, but sunset leaves you breathless.

Whatever time you decide for, one is sure, you’ll have a joyful day, and that is the point, right? Just make an online reservation and let joy be your compass. Accept the challenge and do something out of the ordinary.

We are ready! And you? Are you in?