It is well known how adventure offers some physical and mental health benefits but still lots of us will choose some other, "easier" thing instead of adventure. In this
post, we will emphasise five facts about adventure benefits, just to remember you how adventure is always a good idea, especially the Dubrovnik Buggy safari tour. ☺

Being dirty is in common with your physical health?!
We are obsessed with cleanness, and sometimes it is ok. Of course, we want to be in clean and tidy place, but we could improve our immune system by getting dirty. On Buggy safari tour you can expect some dust, or if it was a rainy day before a little bit of dirt, so our advice is to take easy-washable clothes.

There are no age limits on an adventure.
This one is obvious, but we usually don’t notice how we deserve some fun time no matter what age we are. Of course, there are some limits for some adventures, but the point is to think like a child. Ask yourself would you enjoy it if you were younger? If the answer is yes, go and try it.
When we are talking about age limits on Buggy Safari wheels are appropriate for children (up to 18 years old) but only in parents supervision and must be at least 120 cm tall for security reasons.

Adventures build your confidence.
How do you feel after you achieve the goal in life? The answer is more than good. The same is after some adventure – at the end, you are so happy that you have tried something new and you feel more confident. You feel like a hero because you know you can do it.

Adventures make you smarter.
It is not only about the confidence it is also about being smarter. There are real science and psychology behind taking intelligent risks, but the point is to try out things that you would never have done, and embrace the culture that you are not aware of.

Adventure improves your sleep
Breath fresh air and you will sleep better. Spend some quality and fun time in nature you will sleep even better. You know that filling when you go to bed after an awesome day spends in nature, or morning after when you wake up?

You are probably asking yourself now, should I go on adventures more often. Even you are a great explorer, or you don’t remember what the last time you tried something new, the answer is yes.

You are welcome at Buggy Safari Dubrovnik tour!