Dubrovnik is one the most popular cities in Europe, with famous historic treasures that put our town on a list of one the most beautiful small cities you actually must visit in your lifetime, but for many visitors who planned to stay for a few days, our warm recommendation is to match a historic city break tour with an adventure.

To meet real Dubrovnik history and to feel his modern, adventures side.

One of the most popular activities you need to experience (so you can say that you had a chance really get to know the famous Dubrovnik), is adventures trip Buggy Safari , not so far away from historic Old town.

When you come to Dubrovnik ask for Srdj Hill and you will hear adventure calling.

Starting with Cable Car and after two adventures hours ending hilarious happy descending your ‘friend’ Buggy – Brand new ZFORCE BUGGY 625!

Srdj Hill is the spot where safari takes place, starting and ending behind the great Imperial fortress.

Adventures safari road will further take you to explore the area around Bosanka as well where driving through the Srdj hill and fields will get you in touch with nature, woody and rocky Dalmatian surrounding that will fill up your heart and clean up your mind.

The highlight of the adventure is the rarely seen view, (trust us, the best view of Dubrovnik area), oriented toward west at the Elaphite Islands.

With our safe guiding and team of professionals who will provide all needed information, instructions and lot of care and kindness, Buggy safari adventure will be a lifetime reminder of Dubrovnik and time spent in our famous town.

We are out there for you! And remember if you want something you never had than you have to do something you’ve never done before!

For your courage, we can give you an additional invitation, 5 percent discount if you book online!

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