At summer, holiday adventures are mainly focused on summer activities. Hot weather, sunny outdoor adventures, crystal blue sea and … well, you know.

Dubrovnik is no exception, but the city, with all its treasures and summer adventures, as if you still haven’t heard, yet another trump – Buggy safari. Off road adventure above Dubrovnik, on Mount Srđ, offering the best view of entire Dubrovnik area and, of course, the best off road buggy adventure you’ll ever have.

With many unique surprises, typical for Dubrovnik area, and special autumn addition – magnificent, colourful surrounding, this time of the year gives us some additional sweet trouble – muddier terrain, perfect for even more fun and many more joyful memories.

Safar ride lasts for approximately 2 hours, so if you’re planning to visit Dubrovnik this autumn, (winter, or every other season as well) separate a little time for acclaimed Dubrovnik adventure – Buggy Safari.

After a magical day spent surrounded by old Dubrovnik city, come upon a Mount Srđ and see the city from whole other perspective.

First, you must climb on the Mount, by legendary cable car, which is the adventure for itself, and then go behind the Imperial fortress, where is start (and ending) point of Buggy Safari.

Be prepared for two hours adrenaline ranch, Mediterranean style fun, through a typical Dalmatian rocky terrain. Driving through nature on a rocky road, meeting animals and having a great time surrounded with Mediterranean ‘forest’, intoxicating smells of wild herbs, magnificent autumn colors and warm scents of never too cold Dalmatia.

And remember, in such adventures, mud is an integral part of the atmosphere. Moreover, the more mud, the heart will be fuller.

With so much Buggy safari memories.