Spring is finally here and the weather is perfect for outdoor activities, exploring new areas and doing exciting stuff! If you still don’t know how to spend your weekend or a free day in Dubrovnik we have a perfect solution for you. Buggy Safari Dubrovnik has opened its doors and everything is ready for new, hot season!

Get a fantastic chance to experience the fascinating Dubrovnik landscape from a completely new perspective, while having so much fun just like kids do! Nope, this is not your stereotype Dubrovnik tour, so fasten your seat belt and get ready to have so much fun – let's buggy together!

You can enjoy this adventure at the Srdj Hill but you will also get a perfect opportunity to explore Bosanka area too. Choose your own speed and explore as much as you want, our guide will lead you and take care of you just like your guardian angel would so you don’t have to worry about finding your way back to the base.

Our Buggy Safari Dubrovnik tours are quite a thrill. You and your favourite buggy companion will get a chance to experience the wonder of wind in your hair and fabulous views that make Dubrovnik so special – and all that just above the city on Srdj hill. Yes, it’s safe, exciting and about the most fun you can have by yourself, with another person or group of friends. We are waiting for you.

If you are a participant of Du Motion runners’ Days Dubrovnik we have great news for you. Find your coupon on the brochure you’ll receive as a participant and get 30 % off your ride. How cool is that?