Many people seek pure happiness, for those innocent childhood moments full of smiles, laughing and joyful memories, but many people have also forgotten where to find that distant innocence.

Although the answer couldn’t be simpler.

Find it in your heart, remind yourself how young you still are, in an adventure that includes a wild ride on buggies, rocky roads, unsurpassed views and lots of, lots of mud!

With our Buggy Safari Adventure Tour, riding through the hills above Dubrovnik, you will find yourself young again. But let us not introduce ourselves as we would normally do, but instead by some cute words from one of our latest reviews on TripAdvisor.

From November, two months ago….when our dear guests from Australia found their happiness.

Having been to Dubrovnik in the past we were looking for an excursion that would take us away from the crowds.

Heading up the cable car for the obligatory view over Dubrovnik we stumbled across a group just coming back on Buggy Safari all dusty and windswept but looking like they had had a lot of fun.

Never too old to have some fun like dirt buggies we booked into the next group and were not disappointed.

Hubby did the hooning while I tried to take a video and take photos. With great difficulty as we slid around bends and up and down the potholes of the track.

We stopped for a great view out to the islands and our ship! It was time to swap drivers, my turn for some fun! Hubby was having way too much fun so I sacrificed my turn and he enjoyed the dust bowl all the way back getting halted at one stage by a herd of goats and sheep crossing the track!

Yes, we got dirty! Did we have fun? We had a blast! The dirt washes off!


If gloomy November can offer so much pure joy, imagine how it will be in spring, summer or early autumn…